Sunday, August 16, 2009

Screw the view.

- not dedicated, just a work of fiction.

"Okay keep your eyes closed till I say when, got it?" His hands were wrapped around my eyes and I smiled, wondering what would be in front of me, what he had in store for me, like he hadn't given me enough already. His fingers squirmed a bit as I laughed and he held on tighter, making sure I didn't look.

"Okay walk with me, take one step, now another," he guided me. The floor beneath me felt harsh almost rocky and I could tell we were outside because the sun shined down and its rays seeped through the crack of his fingers and everything was warm, nice, couldn't be better actually. The breeze didn't exist here, just heat, and him. I could tell we were alone, I could tell that there was no one else here but me and him, alone, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I kept walking where ever he guided me, his voice was soothing, "Were almost there, just a little more." My smile grew bigger with every step that we took together. I didn't even stumble or second guess his guidance. I trusted him and where ever he took me, I knew it would be worth it.

"Okay here we go," he said softly and I grabbed his hands with mine and attempted to pull them off slowly till he blurted out in a playful voice, "Hey, I didn't say when?" He laughed as he placed a kiss on my left temple and whispered into my ear, "when."

He removed his hands from my face and the sun ran down to me, shined full throttle in front of me and what I saw made me breathless. The view was indescribable, the way the mountains rised and crashed together was hard to take in, and how the clouds were right next to us was just- comforting. The earth beneath us was so small. I felt like I had just seen the world in God's point of view. I was on the top of everything looking down, and I felt the beauty he felt, I felt proud, and I just couldn't help but love everything around me.

Still even with everything around me and with everything I saw, nothing compared to his eyes. They beat the sun, they dominated the rising and crashing mountains, and he put the clouds to shame, their beauty overpowered all.

I didn't say much, well nothing at all. He walked next to me, crossed his arms and stared at my amazement and smiled. He always got so happy when he saw that I was happy, that made his day- just to see me happy, and he always made my day- just by being there, by plainly existing.

"This is- just- I... wow." I stuttered and he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him and I felt that shock, that sort of adrenaline rush run through me. The one that happened every time he touched me. Then there they were. I looked straight in them- his eyes-and I was lost. Screw the view, screw the sun, screw it all. The only thing I saw was him and the only thing I felt was incredible and nothing less but maybe more, definitely more.

To feel his lips on mine was enough for me. I didn't need an amazing view or anything of that sort. What I did need desperately, it was almost like an animal instinct, was him in my life, forever.