Saturday, June 27, 2009

Confusion stops by to say hello.

Just when everything is going perfect, life slaps you in the face with a remembrance of the past.
Why is that? Why is it that every time you feel as if you've moved on from the past, things or people, pop up again and surprise you- with finding yourself feeling the exact same way you used to once again.
Do people ever really move on?
Do we honestly forget and live only in the present and in the future?
Is it possible to say a permanent good-bye to everyone and everything that you used to know?

I used to say yes.
Now, I'm not so sure.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Time is sluggish.

I'm in computer class and honestly, this is deffinitely the most boring class that I have ever taken in all of my schooling years. The time is passing by extremely slow, its almost as if the time is doing it on purpose, just to annoy me. As I'm sitting here in this really uncomfortable computer chair, listening to a really annoying professor with a terrible accent talk gibberish, I came across a thought. I dont understand, if what you are studying has nothing to do with a certain subject, why do they make you waste your time and your money on that ridiculous class that you will never use? Well I just answered my own

This blows.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to deal?

When you have two choices in life how do you choose between the two?
Do you choose what you want, or do you choose what you should want?
What if you don't know what it is that you want?
How do you decide what to do when life throws two ultimatums at you?
Worst part is, scariest part is, what if you make the wrong choice, and what if that choice is irreversible?

Are you stuck with your decision for ever?
Or is it possible that maybe there's a way back, a U-turn that you can make?
The question is how and do we have a time limit to realize our mistake?
Life is difficult in that way. It brings forth choices, problems, and conflicts.
Yet, it doesn't tell us how to handle them.

Maybe one day I'll get my answer, till then I will wonder.

Oatmeal; brain food.

Maybe it was the oatmeal that got my brain working or maybe it was just pure luck that fell from the sky and hit me on the head. Sitting here at my desk, I was trying to work on the novel that Ive been writing for awhile now, and I was worried because I had the characters down, the story line down pretty good too, however, I didn't have a certain conflict for the story. I had a couple of ideas in mind that I could use but none of them seemed right.

Then it hit me! It just came! It played through my mind perfectly and I knew that this would be my conflict. This was a very exciting moment for me. So my advice to anyone who's stuck on ideas... oatmeal : )

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You know, I don't care if I ever become famous or well known. I mean sure it would be nice, but that's not whats important to me in my writing career. What I want more than anything is for a reader to be moved by my piece, for a reader to want to continue reading what I wrote, and for a reader to understand, love, and care for my characters just as much as I do.

That is my goal.

The Big Blue Sky.

When you look up at the sky what do you see?
Do you see just a big mess of blue?
Or do you see beyond the blue and past the clouds?
I would like to know what it is that you see.
I would like to see what it is that you see.
Will you take the time out of your day to tell me, to show me?
Perhaps you will or perhaps you wont.
However, just know that I am here waiting, waiting for you to come around.
I'll be here for ever, wondering patiently for you under the big blue sky.
So don't rush, because when you come around, and I have faith that you will, I want it to be because you chose to come...

&& maybe, if it's a good day, you will want to know what it is that I see when I look up at the sky, and maybe you will want to see what it is that I see.

That sure would be nice.