Friday, August 7, 2009


Let's start off by saying that tonight was one of those- I'll never forget, can't believe we just did that- nights. I was in my room, on my computer writing something- my usual nightly routine. When my sister and her friend Angie, who was sleeping over, barge in laughing and totally kill my zone. So I let it go, and decided to just put it aside for now- my writing that is. We sat around my room and just talked and laughed about everything and anything. Comes 3 am and we decided to go run around the block- and so we did. Crazy huh? I thought so too. To go out and run at three am was not on my agenda for the night, but hey, why not?
We ran for awhile, and I felt out of breath more than once but I didn't want to stop. I felt free, almost vindicated. I didn't want the feeling to leave. After about five times around the block, and it now being around four am, we stopped, panted, and decided the pool was next. We swam for about an hour and my sister said something that I believed to be true, and it stuck with me.

This is living, doing crap without even thinking. Just going with life and whatever the hell comes up.

So true. It was one night where there was no plans, nothing was expected, yet- everything was perfect.

To a great night!
- however, one thing would have made it better- MUCH better.
If only my Isuet were there.


LittoMiss isuet said...

awww i wish i could have been there.
you guys should have called me or something.
love you guys, im glad you had fun (:

iloveyouwife<3 forever&ever.