Monday, November 30, 2009

Hush, Hush and editing.

After finishing Nano I told myself that I needed a week off from writing. I went to Barnes and Noble, deciding that a good read would ease my mind and maybe tighten the sponge my mind has become lately.

I picked up Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. I read it in one sitting, it was that good! Seriously, I haven't had a crush on a male character since...Edward
(I know, I know) but Patch is awesome, such a compelling angel let me tell you.

It was a fabulous book filled with mystery, romance, and the paranormal, which was just mind blowing. I cannot wait for Crescendo (the sequel) to release.

On another note, I miss my characters. I miss the heavenly literary abandon November brought me. I don't think I am going to be able to wait a whole entire week to get back to them. Especially my MC.

He haunts me constantly with his smile stretching across his russet skin and his knowing gray eyes that watch me willingly. Even his voice is clear, never leaving me alone. Ever since I was younger ( I mean my elementary, middle school stages) I have been writing everywhere and anywhere. My parents have boxes and containers where they have stored my childhood writing escapades. Funny thing is, every character I wrote about... was him.

He has always been my character and goodness I love him.

So I think I shall start editing because I cannot stand being away from them/him. Does anybody have any pointers or tips on good editing? Maybe a book that will guide me and help me? I heard Story by Robert McKee(Alyson Noel advised) is helpful but it is a book on screenwriting?

Any kind of help would be great, thanks!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It is November 29, 2009 and I have officially reached 50,507 words! I did it.
I started nine days late and finished a day early. This was no easy task, but every second, minute, and hour that I spent on this computer was worth it. Many prayers were installed while writing and it wouldn't have been possible without them *God is good*

Now the editing process. I think I will take a weeks break, to gather my thoughts and ideas. This has been such an overwhelming experience. Being lost for a month in my story, totally wrapped up in my characters, my mind constantly with them has built this joy inside of me. It has been one of the best times in my life.

So other Nanoers if you finished your novel... CONGRATULATIONS!! I know how difficult it must have been, but we did it. It is possible. Let's continue on our journey, I only see bright lights ahead for all of us!

And if you haven't reached the 50k marker, it doesn't matter. You still wrote something, a piece of a story that meant something to you, and that is more than many people have done or will ever do, so continue, don't stop till it is done!

Have a great day : )

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2010 100+ reading challenge

In 2010 I'm going into literary abandon by participating in the 2010 100 + reading challenge.

Want to escape reality for a year? Head over and join.

I will be adding my list over on my side bar as 2010 comes closer.

2010 debut author challenge

Coming this 2010 I've decided to support debut others all together! How? By participating in the 2010 Debut Author Challenge.

Interested in supporting debut authors, just head over to the 2010 debut author challenge!

My list:
1) The Mark by Jen Nadol
2) Ana and the Boy Masterpiece by Stephanie Perkins
3) Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
4) Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves
5) The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
6) The Secret Year by Jennifer R. Hubbard
7) Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus
8) Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis

I'll add more on my sidebar when I come across them.

You little queries.

Oh, the infamous query discussion. It seems to be spreading around in the world of blogging so I figured I'd contribute. I have a good 5k to go on my novel, then of course it's editing, revising, character development, all of the good stuff.

Then hopefully sooner than later, my query journey will begin! This makes me excited, yet worried. I've read from many other writers how difficult the query journey is, what a long process it is. Some writers take longer to actually write the query than the novel! I cringed when I read this.

hearing all of these horror stories about queries, I had to ask my favorite professor(who is the author of The Sugar Island) about these little query monsters. Her answer?

Just keep your query simple, don't to have a conversation with the agent, they simply just want to know your story not how you're doing. Don't make it two pages long, they like it short and sweet.
Try to be brief and clear. Make sure your grammar is keen, and that the query captures the interesting-attention grabbing- parts of your story.

Oh, and include your word count!

So there you have it, a few tips from a published author. We can master these query letters, we can! (everyone chants)

Well, I'm heading back over to my word document where my MC is in a bit of a problem, you know how that is....

Feel free to leave your thoughts and tips about queries, your query horror stories, or hey, even your heavenly query stories! We all want to hear about the possible and the ones who did it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nano update.

It is officially November 27, 2009. Nano update: 42,848

NanoWrimo will be over in a few days and I am almost there, pushing out every word that I can, focusing on every voice, and doing my utmost best to listen and to create.

Even though the dead line is coming to an end, let's not give up! Even if we don't make the 50k marker by November 30, let us write what we can and not stop, or get discouraged, because every story out there deserves a chance to be written and read.

GOOD LUCK Nanoers!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My house smells like pumpkin mix, cranberries, and gravy. All a result of my mothers prep-thanksgiving cooking madness. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I wish it smelled like this all year long, and since it sadly doesn't, I'm taking full advantage of it by constantly pocking my nose in the air, sniffing every few minutes.

Since it's almost thanksgiving I'm going to post fifteen different things I'm grateful for. This year has been quite great and I can't wait for the upcoming holiday excitements.

I can picture it now, all of the clear-anticipated ideas of the coming festivities...

Turkey.Pumpkin pie. Fried sweet potato pie. Stockings. Christmas tree. Ornaments. Milk and cookies (yes, I still place a plate for Mr. Claus) Rudolph earrings. Fire works. Great drinks. Family. Friends. Lovers.

Fifteen things I am jumping up and down grateful for!
1) My erratic family, whom I love.
2) My best friend, who understands me pretty much to the key.
3) My adorable bratty orange cat, who has made such a difference in our home.
3) My story, which is more alive than ever!
4) All of my new candles which have kept me company on long nights of endless writing.
5) All of the books that have told me sweet nothings about a boy and a girl.
6) On a serious note, my uncle surviving swine-flu.
7) Starbucks caramel creme brulee iced with soy milk.
8) French market coffee, for keeping me awake through endless nights and days.
9) All of the fellow writers who have taught me so much!
10) Being editor in chief for Cafe Cultura's literary magazine and being apart of such a great staff they're incredible!
11) Home-made french toast with vanilla apple strudel sauce.
12) Red hair dye.
13) Lovely inspiring blogs.
14) Prayer.
15) My special lake, for always enlightening me in new ways.

What are you grateful for this year?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



The one thing each one of us have in common? Under our epidermis, behind a few muscles and bones lies a heart.
I believe the heart is such a gentle thing, yet, such a strong pumping machine that never gives up, continues to pump everyday...until of course, life takes its course.

The world and some people in it can be so cruel. It is sad in many ways, how most of us long for the same thing, to love and to be loved in return. To be accepted by the ones around us, to be treated with respect and the utmost kindness, and most of all we long to feel like we matter.

Yet, people are so naive and disturbingly selfish that they sometimes fail to see that we all want the same thing. That deep within us, under the skin, we all wish for these things. Our hearts long to feel these emotions that can be so easily given by others, so why not give them?

What makes me cringe and squirm is how a person can hurt a living, breathing, feeling, harmless, helpless animal. I believe animals are genuinely good and so much closer to God. They are pure and victims of the human race. The only thing they want is to be left in peace, loved, accepted, and cared for.

Just like us. So why? Why do we insist on hurting them? Who are we to judge how important their lives are?

Our hearts are a sacred part of us. So let us keep it that way, by considering others, by not judging who deserves what, and by understanding that we are all the same in the end and we all want the same thing.

Monday, November 23, 2009


A certain lake plays a big part in my story, a lake that is actually close to my home. Every time I pass by that lake, I picture my characters sitting there, talking amongst each other, playing out my story. It is a great feeling, a magical one at that. I am a big fan of writers who pick a place that means a great deal to them and portray that place in their story. It shines through the words and I can tell the passion is there and the love for that place lies deep within them.

When I walk on the sand of that precious lake my heart jitters and goosebumps flow over my skin, like little blissful stars, spreading their light over me. Everything about that lake has become a part of me and I cherish every little thing...

The way the wind always catches you when you inch closer to the water,
The warm sand beneath my feet and in between my toes,
The tons of geese and on special days, when the swans appear.
The escape that lake provided for me when I was younger,
probably the most priceless gift it has given me yet.

Hopefully readers will feel my passion for this lake through my words and it will remind them to love their surroundings, even when all seems gray. Maybe I can help them find one thing that sparkles in the mist of all the darkness.

What about you? Is there a place that has captured your heart?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nano update and a thank you.

Nano update: I wrote around a good 3k today, with the overall count being 36,400 words. This makes me insanely happy, and I cannot wait to finish, sigh deeply, and begin editing.

Oh, the super fun editing process!

Well, in this post I really wanted to just say thank you. To all of those who have sat and read my writing, critiqued me with honest advice, and have made me feel like I am on top of the world. My writing wouldn't be the same if not for these people.

So thank you! It means the world + the galaxy+ anything beyond to me!

I love you all!

By the way, I am currently reading, Shadowland, by Alyson Noel...Magical! Captivating! Simply a must buy!

Have a sweet night*

Broken by words.

I was writing today, a scene where my character totally crashes, his body and mind fall short from breaking into tiny pieces that he may or may not ever be able to put back together. This hurt me a little, to see him go through such pain which is accompanied by desperation. It was difficult to write but I pushed forward, allowing myself to accept his current life.

How amazing and surreal, that a writer can feel such pain for someone in their story. That is one of the most beautiful aspects of writing, being able to see and feel for someone who is from another made-up world.

What an escape.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Something wonderful and exciting just happened(well, maybe only exciting for me, but still!) I reached the 30k marker, writing 3,000 words tonight. I anticipate the day when my story will be complete, where my querying journey will begin, and hopefully (fingers crossed) when my story is in ink.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Characters, um, what are you doing?

My writing was spiraling out of control, my characters were running in the opposite direction I planned for them to run. I tried to urge them to come back, to turn this way, but they refused. I was beginning to get frustrated and the negativity was swarming in like a strange mist that I was not used to nor enjoying.

This changed rapidly, though. I sat down tonight, said my little prayer and began entering their world. I will admit I was not jumping with excitement or joy, I didn't want to see my characters do these odd things nor make the mistakes they were making. But when the words started rushing out, with such force and pressure, once again they surprised me by tumbling, swirling, and jumping right back on track. With every word that came out a huge, shiny smile spread across my face, relief was my company now.

I realized that you have to trust your characters, your subconscious when writing. Don't deny what comes to you, don't try to change what you know should happen.

Sometimes we need to crawl through the dark tunnel of writing to find the well-deserved, shining light at the end. We need to write certain things that go against our taste, what we planned, to find our true story.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writers Dream

For the past two days, due to school and magazine duties, I have not been able to write one single word for nano. Funny thing is, even though my days and nights are busy, I miss them deeply (my characters). I cannot wait for the weekend to get here just so that I can sit down and say my ritual prayer before entering their world and writing my life away.

When I leave this world and enter theirs, it is a time of pure bliss and escape. I lose myself in their dilemmas, their love circles, and mostly their emotions. Throughout my day they constantly haunt me, stalk me, they are never quiet. I am used to this though, since middle school my characters have been apart of me.

Maybe that is why I care for them and love them deeply...

Because they have always been apart of me. I just hope that I am doing them justice and that one day readers will care for them just as much as I do.

Every writers dream.

I believe that is how we are all united as one, the writers I mean, for we all love our characters and think that they are the greatest people to every step foot on the pages of the difficult, insane, and wonderful storytelling madness.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nano Wrimo; one of the many updates.

NaNo Wrimo update: 22,967

It's incredible. I never want to stop writing. I have to force myself off the keyboard. My novel is turning into exactly what I wanted, thank you baby Jesus! Of course, this is only the first draft but I am content with it and that makes me smile.

So go first draft!

I am seriously excited for the release date of SHADOWLAND, by Alyson Noel. Her third book is hitting the stores tomorrow, November 17th! It is a must read for any YA paranormal/romance author.

Well, since I drank about three cups of coffee in order to stay up and write my life away, it's only about time that the coffee will wear out and the sleep deprived crash will hit.

It's hitting. Really bad.
Good night and I hope you dream of pretty boys and starry nights.

New ways.

I used to have my blog on private, only because I had pieces of my novel posted on here, but I have removed every piece that is apart of my story. I was skeptical about doing this but honestly, you never know.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

20k! 20k!

20k WIP. 20,135 to be exact.

Thank you baby Jesus.

Goodnight. Volunteering at the Book Fair tomorrow.

Tiny preview of today's work:
I let myself fall, slide down the wall. It had hit me, everything, extremely fast. Still, I sat silently, no tears came. Oh, but there was the numbness, which was the top coating to the bleeding wound beneath the surface. No memories came to visit. It was just me and the pain

Little Light Shine.

I have been super busy with Nano, so I haven't dedicated much time to blogging or writing anything other than my story. Tonight is different though. Tonight I will break the rules and draw outside the lines.

Somewhere in the vast-spacious coal black night I saw a shimmer.

It gleamed within the dark walls, the center was gold and bright, its edges flared, bounced up and down like flames.

I felt small in this hole, my breath would echo and I would whisper , hello, but no one answered, except that little light flickered.

I tested it, I said many words, my voice carried on and that little light danced, its edges spread and stretched with my words.

I smiled, and walked towards the light.

When I was silent it was still, a tiny dot in the deep realm.
When I'd call, it would shine, signal for me to come.

I had been lost-forgotten in this pool of crimson.

I had no answers, no full-proof plan on how I'd ever reach home.

I had no star to follow, no ray of light to chase.

I was in complete darkness, completely alone in this.

Till' I found that little unblemished light.

I reached it and at first, it was so bright, the light from that little light gave its all.

I shut my eyes, held out my hands in front of me to cover the blinding light.

Slowly, I tore open my forced lids and I saw you within that little light.

You were there, you hadn't forgotten me, you answered when I called, you led me home.

You were the star I had to follow.

You were the ray of light I had to chase.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Finally reached the 15k marker. Somewhat of a relief but I will feel a whole lot better when I reach the 20k marker. I must shower now and get ready to go see the new 2012 movie with my best friend and her special boy.

Throughout the entire movie, I know my mind will be else where, the crackling and chewing of popcorn and candy will tick away the time till' I am back here, back with them

I anticipate for that time, when the night is set and ready to stay, when my mind is back to where they are, where he is. I will listen for the clear voices, I will leave this room and go with them.
I will welcome the silence, the soft flickering of my candles in the dim light, the distance between the cellphone and I, the escaping..... and him.

How I anticipate to hear him.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sad update.

Nano Wrimo update: 14,310 words.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Not happy at all, I practically only did a thousand and something words.

I vow, that this weekend, I will spend unlimited time with my characters.

No clue why tonight the words didn't flow as usual. I hesitated, questioned the voices twice. Maybe it is the drowning call for sleep, or the fact that one of my characters are currently upsetting me. Why is he being so stubborn, so idiotic?



Well, I procrastinated, and now....

I must drink at least two cups of coffee in order to max at least 2k tonight.

I have a feeling coffee will soon be my new best friend.

Yup, yup, yup.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Nano Wrimo update: 13,262 words.

I am pleased, but not completely content. My goal for tonight was 15k, but this will have to do, only because my mind is going hay-wire and is in the progress of turning into mush. For starting late, though, I have to admit, I have caught up nicely (Insert pat on the back here).*

I realized something tonight, which I always subconsciously knew, but it hit me directly this time around. I write better at night. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe its the calmness the night offers, the quite remote time, or maybe the voices are nocturnal.

I received some very good advice from a former blogger. It has to be the best advice an aspiring- tired, frustrated,anxious- author could ever receive.


no matter what happens, your characters are going crazy, your plot is backwards, your MC decides he's a werewolf now, your ending should be your beginning, whatever may happen:


Sigh. Finally, the easy solution I have been waiting for. I was starting to think there were no solutions in writing, let alone an easy one.

I'd like to thank God and my huge cup of coffee for helping me stay up and write tonight. I really am grateful!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time."
- Leonard Bernstein.

Still typing, still imagining, still taking my musings and molding them into scenes. I've drank at least two cups of coffee in order to stay up and write. I intend on spending my 'no school' day tomorrow, glued to this chair, eyes plastered on the computer screen.

Thanking my imagination that writer's block hasn't hit yet

Back to Amber.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nano update

My Nano Wrimo update:

After three hours of non stop typing and persistent voices chattering in my head, I wrote a good
5,810 words. More scenes are rushing in and the voices never leave, so I'm used to that, but sadly my bed is calling me... it keeps saying my name and it's too tempting to resist.

I'm extremely wired and excited for this. This is the exact push that I needed to finish my story. Scary thing is that , that little annoying ounce of fear still lingers in the back of my little mind.

Can I really write a 50k novel in 21 days?

Maybe by God's grace and diving intervention.


Okay, well, I found out from another blog about NaNoWriMo and honestly, it scared me. Scared me to the point where I wanted to exit from the screen pronto. Yet, I still signed up...nine days late! But that's okay! Me and millions of others are setting out on a voyage of writing a 50k novel in 30 days...


In my case 21 days.

November is going to be one insane month filled with words, scenes, settings, characters, all that good stuff.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Writing a novel is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted to do. See, I love my characters- I simply adore each and everyone of them to the core. They are very real to me. To put them on paper, to duplicate them exactly isn't easy. Oh, but it is satisfying to have them here, to have them within me.

I just hope that I do them justice. I pray that my story will meet their needs and that I can bring them, their lives, and their story to life. Because their story needs to be told, even if one person reads it and understands them and how wonderful they are...

Then I will be the happiest person.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In a Station of the Metro
The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.

- Ezra Pound