Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I blame you.

I blame my happiness on you.
I blame you for every smile, every moment of bliss, and every time my heart beats out of its usual sync.
For every unexplainable- basically amazing- unfamiliar feeling that I have felt, for every time that those damn butterflies come, and for every second that I miss you incredibly,
I blame you. You're the cause, the reason, the core to it all.
You have committed a crime, a crime that in my history book has never been committed- let alone achieved.
You are notorious, a master in pursuing the act of falling love.
You came with no warning- caught me by total surprise actually.
I didn't see you coming, I really didn't.
How unexpected you were...
How quick you made me fall for you and how you did it is the amazing part.
So skillfully, so easy, you didn't strain me, it didn't even take much convincing.
You truly are a talented soul and I am your work of art- your biggest fan.
You have committed the perfect crime, leaving no traces behind, not making one mistake..
You got away with murder, with me as your victim.
Now I'm under your trance.
You have complete and total control over my heart.
Its all your fault and honestly, I couldn't accuse you of a better crime.