Monday, August 17, 2009

Words. Sentences. Life.

Its funny how letters collide and turn into words. Each letter fitting in perfectly with one another, each one when put together creates a different word.

Then the true beauty comes in, when words come together and create sentences, and sentences join other sentences and create a story; a meaning.

&& when you really think about it, if you replace one word or rearrange one sentence the entire story can change.
That just shows what an important role each word and sentence plays in the world of story telling.
Its kind of like life.
All's it takes is for one person to come or to leave to change your entire life, to make a difference.

The only difference is that we can write stories, make whatever we want to happen, happen.
However, our life? We don't get to write that out, get to chose what happens or what doesn't happen, or get to decide how our ending will turn out.


LittoMiss isuet said...

- said like a true writer (:
that's definitely something I've heard from you before & it never gets old, because your absolutely right.