Saturday, November 28, 2009

You little queries.

Oh, the infamous query discussion. It seems to be spreading around in the world of blogging so I figured I'd contribute. I have a good 5k to go on my novel, then of course it's editing, revising, character development, all of the good stuff.

Then hopefully sooner than later, my query journey will begin! This makes me excited, yet worried. I've read from many other writers how difficult the query journey is, what a long process it is. Some writers take longer to actually write the query than the novel! I cringed when I read this.

hearing all of these horror stories about queries, I had to ask my favorite professor(who is the author of The Sugar Island) about these little query monsters. Her answer?

Just keep your query simple, don't to have a conversation with the agent, they simply just want to know your story not how you're doing. Don't make it two pages long, they like it short and sweet.
Try to be brief and clear. Make sure your grammar is keen, and that the query captures the interesting-attention grabbing- parts of your story.

Oh, and include your word count!

So there you have it, a few tips from a published author. We can master these query letters, we can! (everyone chants)

Well, I'm heading back over to my word document where my MC is in a bit of a problem, you know how that is....

Feel free to leave your thoughts and tips about queries, your query horror stories, or hey, even your heavenly query stories! We all want to hear about the possible and the ones who did it!


Jade said...

You know how I feel about queries...all the best with it though. My advice is to keep re-writing it and getting people who haven't read the book to read it and see if it makes sense.

V. S said...

Thanks Jade!