Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Light Shine.

I have been super busy with Nano, so I haven't dedicated much time to blogging or writing anything other than my story. Tonight is different though. Tonight I will break the rules and draw outside the lines.

Somewhere in the vast-spacious coal black night I saw a shimmer.

It gleamed within the dark walls, the center was gold and bright, its edges flared, bounced up and down like flames.

I felt small in this hole, my breath would echo and I would whisper , hello, but no one answered, except that little light flickered.

I tested it, I said many words, my voice carried on and that little light danced, its edges spread and stretched with my words.

I smiled, and walked towards the light.

When I was silent it was still, a tiny dot in the deep realm.
When I'd call, it would shine, signal for me to come.

I had been lost-forgotten in this pool of crimson.

I had no answers, no full-proof plan on how I'd ever reach home.

I had no star to follow, no ray of light to chase.

I was in complete darkness, completely alone in this.

Till' I found that little unblemished light.

I reached it and at first, it was so bright, the light from that little light gave its all.

I shut my eyes, held out my hands in front of me to cover the blinding light.

Slowly, I tore open my forced lids and I saw you within that little light.

You were there, you hadn't forgotten me, you answered when I called, you led me home.

You were the star I had to follow.

You were the ray of light I had to chase.