Friday, November 13, 2009


Finally reached the 15k marker. Somewhat of a relief but I will feel a whole lot better when I reach the 20k marker. I must shower now and get ready to go see the new 2012 movie with my best friend and her special boy.

Throughout the entire movie, I know my mind will be else where, the crackling and chewing of popcorn and candy will tick away the time till' I am back here, back with them

I anticipate for that time, when the night is set and ready to stay, when my mind is back to where they are, where he is. I will listen for the clear voices, I will leave this room and go with them.
I will welcome the silence, the soft flickering of my candles in the dim light, the distance between the cellphone and I, the escaping..... and him.

How I anticipate to hear him.