Tuesday, November 24, 2009



The one thing each one of us have in common? Under our epidermis, behind a few muscles and bones lies a heart.
I believe the heart is such a gentle thing, yet, such a strong pumping machine that never gives up, continues to pump everyday...until of course, life takes its course.

The world and some people in it can be so cruel. It is sad in many ways, how most of us long for the same thing, to love and to be loved in return. To be accepted by the ones around us, to be treated with respect and the utmost kindness, and most of all we long to feel like we matter.

Yet, people are so naive and disturbingly selfish that they sometimes fail to see that we all want the same thing. That deep within us, under the skin, we all wish for these things. Our hearts long to feel these emotions that can be so easily given by others, so why not give them?

What makes me cringe and squirm is how a person can hurt a living, breathing, feeling, harmless, helpless animal. I believe animals are genuinely good and so much closer to God. They are pure and victims of the human race. The only thing they want is to be left in peace, loved, accepted, and cared for.

Just like us. So why? Why do we insist on hurting them? Who are we to judge how important their lives are?

Our hearts are a sacred part of us. So let us keep it that way, by considering others, by not judging who deserves what, and by understanding that we are all the same in the end and we all want the same thing.


Jade said...

Cruelty to animals sickens me, yet I insist on watching Animal Cops! Great post.