Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writers Dream

For the past two days, due to school and magazine duties, I have not been able to write one single word for nano. Funny thing is, even though my days and nights are busy, I miss them deeply (my characters). I cannot wait for the weekend to get here just so that I can sit down and say my ritual prayer before entering their world and writing my life away.

When I leave this world and enter theirs, it is a time of pure bliss and escape. I lose myself in their dilemmas, their love circles, and mostly their emotions. Throughout my day they constantly haunt me, stalk me, they are never quiet. I am used to this though, since middle school my characters have been apart of me.

Maybe that is why I care for them and love them deeply...

Because they have always been apart of me. I just hope that I am doing them justice and that one day readers will care for them just as much as I do.

Every writers dream.

I believe that is how we are all united as one, the writers I mean, for we all love our characters and think that they are the greatest people to every step foot on the pages of the difficult, insane, and wonderful storytelling madness.