Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Different events take place in our life everyday that will determine how we feel and what we will do next. When looking back at our life we picture and pick out the moments that made us who we are today, the events that sum up our life and how we got to where we are today.

Life is so much like a story.

Events take place in a setting, they generate images around us, they acquire action, and of course within the action, there is dialogue.

It is our job to find the events that take place within our characters life and choose which of those events we want to compose into a sequence that will show our readers a lifetime of the character, through events.

Now, how do we know which events to choose? What to put before or after?

We must know what we want from our story, we must know our purpose. With each event that I choose is there a purpose behind it? If my character goes through changes, do I have events to back up those changes?

Events in a story can create meaningful change in the life of our character. To make that change meaningful it must happen to our character, must arouse not just ourselves but the readers as well.