Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holding the sun is not impossible.

I can feel that peculiar feeling inside of me sometimes, roaming and resting within me. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that I need to breathe aloud, sometimes it is so painful where I cry.

It is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Somethings in life seem out of reach, impossible to get to. Well, I am here to tell everyone that nothing is impossible.


How can it be ? In the past our grandfathers and their grandfathers thought things were impossible for their generation, but look at us now. Look at what wondrous things our world has created, look at what we are capable of. Anything is possible with the right amount of faith and determination.

From time to time we feel as if we will never get anywhere, that our story will never live inside a hard-bound cover, forever on off-white pages, or see the light in another readers eyes.
We all get discouraged.

Why do we? Because it is difficult, stressful, maybe even painful? It is, but it is also warming, exhilarating, and very overwhelming. Writing a story is a beautiful thing and as I am writing this post I picture his gray eyes in my mind, nodding his head, urging me tell you that it will all work out.

Every single story is special, unique in every shape and form. Every story has its own plot, setting, and characters. Oh, the characters. They are what make the story its own. They are the heart of the story, they continue to work and beat to keep it alive.

If they took the time to tell us their story, to have patience while we write, back space and re-write, then why will we not have patience with them while they tell us their story?

If they gave us the benefit of the doubt by choosing us to write their life story why would we not give them the benefit of the doubt that others will be touched by their life?

We have to trust our characters the way they trust us and tell us everything. We must believe in our story if we want others to believe in it. We must continue to fight against the hardships of life since it fights against us.

Nothing is impossible. Some may say I live in a fairy-tale believing this way but I believe life can be a fairy-tale if we want it to be. We can create whatever we wish out of our life. We can accomplish anything and everything. So for those of you who are like me, who get discouraged form time to time, just breathe and believe.

Believe in your story.
Believe in your characters.
Believe in yourself.

We will make it because each and every story deserves a chance.

What about you bloggers? Ever get discouraged? Do you believe that nothing is impossible? Am I right or am I a fool? Do you believe in your characters and your story?

May your day shine and please give your charcters a warming hug, they deserve it.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

That photo and your message are lovely. We all get discouraged, especially when we discover how overwhelming it can be to write a novel. But you are right that we have stories to tell and characters who are alive to us. They will only be alive to others if we believe.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Well you're no fool, that's for sure. :) We all get discouraged from time to time. I think that's what makes us human. Sometimes there are seasons in our life that are more discouraging than others, but we live, we learn, right? After a while we have a better grip on things and we're not discouraged so easily. Faith can move mountains!

Bethany Mattingly said...

Yeah, I'm feeling rather inadequate today...that I'll never get published, so what's the point, anyway? Your post is making me think about my characters again and the reason I write.

Julie said...

"If they gave us the benefit of the doubt by choosing us to write their life story why would we not give them the benefit of the doubt that others will be touched by their life?"

What an amazing thing to think about, and something we all need to remember.
How many of us sit down and force an idea out of our brains and how many of us are hit in the face with them? I'm sure most of us are the latter.
I get discouraged by what I write a lot, wonder what I was thinking by coming up with the idea, where the heck I'm going with it, and who would actually waste their time by reading it???
Your post is one to refer back to during those moments.
Thanks for posting it.