Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dreams here and beyond.

We all dream. Some of our dreams might remain in this realm, this world, others may stretch beyond the possibilities of this world and lengthen to the galaxies where only certain things are capable of happening. I have many dreams that roam my mind everyday, replaying like a song I myself put on, enjoying every note and powerful chorus. Some I know are possible, others I believe that one day if not here, will come true in another world so far out of reach that the human eye will never see.

My dreams?

1) To love with no worries or trust issues.
2) To understand how everything in this world works, between humans, animals, and every molecule that roams.
3) To finish my WIP and have it published.
4) To find a cure for my brothers diabetes.
5) To fly.
6) To read the entire Bible.
7) To hear every story out there.
8) To run with tigers.
9) To face my fear of the ocean.
10) To learn how to make candles.
11) To have everyone understand the key to immortality after life here on earth.
12) To see my darling dog Walter again.
13) To have three children.
14) To live outside the city, away from society only to become closer with nature.
15) To breathe under water.
16) To speak every language.
17) To banish child abuse, domestic abuse, and animal abuse.
18) To travel back in time.
19) To write my stories the exact way that they play in my mind.
20) For the voices to never leave.

Every dream is special and beautiful in its own way. It doesn't matter if they are possible here on earth or not, dreams should never have a limit.What are some of your dreams?


Jody Hedlund said...

Oh I love your list of dreams! I especially love number 19: To write my stories the exact way that they play in my mind. It's what I strive for, but would love for that to happen with more ease!

Tina Lynn said...

Beautiful post! I dream of being published, of sleeping in tall green grass near a babbling brook, of flying with the fairies, of swimming with the dolphins, of seeing Earth from space, of curing cancer, of watching my kids become the lovely people I can see they are becoming. The list just goes on and on.

Bethany Mattingly said...

Great post! I really like 20. I wish for the same thing and also, to live the simple life on a farm/ranch of my own, writing, teaching, and loving my family.

V. S said...

All of your dreams are lovely and one day they will come true! If you believe hard enough :)

Natalie Murphy said...

Beautiful list. Truly.

Many of your dreams are also mine. However, to sum it up, I dream of a life where I have no regrets, and where I live a full life-- full of laughter, tears, love, beauty, creativity and curiosity.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Love your list of dreams. We share many of them. :) I hope they all come true for you.

Mary said...

Wonderful list - I wish I could fly too.
Running with tigers and other wild animals sounds so awesome and exhilarating. A lot of your dreams bring incredible images to mind.

Tamika: said...

The best part of living is hoping. My dreams carry beyond a bland existence to a place where everything is possible. I want to be a fabulous writer with shelves of books to prove it!

Glad to have stumbled across your blog.

V. S said...

Natalie- having no regrets is truly a dream I would love to come true.

Karen- Right back at you :)

Mary- It is exhilarating, can you imagine running next to a tiger!

Tamika- For everything to be possible would create an open door for every dream to come true :) Thanks!

Amber Lynae said...

Okay I want your dreams to come true for me. I also dream that the books that have touched my heart were real, and that I could live in those world.

Is it also okay if I can dream that Superman was real he loves me. :)