Tuesday, December 29, 2009


In this post I shall tackle the subject of choosing a title for your book.

I find it to be very, very difficult. My current title was Amber but I decided to change the title to Blood Stone--which stands for protecting against all evil, which fits the theme of my book perfectly.

I wonder, are authors ever permanently happy with their title? Or are they always second guessing it, even after it is published. I want to be more than content with my title and right now I am. I wanted a title that resembled my MC's purpose and Bloodstone gives me that satisfaction.

Some questions to think about...

What inspires a title? A character? A place in the story? A song? A line? A scene? Maybe all of these things?

So tell me, what inspired your title? Are you happy with it? Are you still indecisive about it?

Also, what do you guys think, which is a catchier title, Amber or Bloodstone?

The night was strange, almost alien. I felt them watching me; their whispers were carved into the center of my thoughts, haunting me in my wake and sleep. I felt the urge to flee but something kept me here, made me stay where danger lived. I knew that something was her.
- Drake


Jade said...

I suck at titles? Hello? I have a story called Charms!

I like Surviving Reject High though. I wanted something light and catchy. I'm mot sure if it achieves that to anyone else though.

I like Bloodstone, although having not read it, I couldn't say if it was fitting.

I just finished Hush, Hush and I can't work out how the title fits the story? Maybe I'm just an idiot.

Jade said...

Oops! That first question mark was meant to be a full-stop. I'm sure it makes much more sense now.

Bish Denham said...

Sometimes publishers will decide on a title for your work (when you are lucky to get that far.) Like Jade, not having read your story I don't know which title is better, but Bloodstone has a dark mysterious ring to it. Did you know there is a semi-precious stone by that name? It is black, like onyx and has deep red specks in it, like drops of blood, hence its name.

Kimberly Franklin said...

I just commented on another post about titles, and I'm glad I'm not he only one always second guessing my title choices. I pretty much suck at titles.

It seems, everyone I really like is already taken. I hope your new title "Bloodstone" is THE ONE for you. But, in case you want to know, I really liked "Amber" too.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I like the dark imagery of Bloodstone, but there is another contemporary book by that title. It's a good idea to Google title possibilities to see what's already out there. Sometimes just adding a word or two is enough to make it unique. However, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about the title. They are often changed during the publishing process, and the author doesn't always get to choose.

Ceri said...

I can't function without a good title. My novel is and always has been "Hybrid" because that summarises my MC. The second in the series will be "Hidden" and the third, "Heaven". Titles make or break my stories. Usually they just come to me. A lot of the time, the title is the first thing I think of. It's what I build stories from.

In terms of your title, I prefer Bloodstone. It evokes such wonderfully dark imagery.

Suzette Saxton said...

First, I need to tell you that your blog is stunning. I love the photographs set on the dark backdrop. You have created true ambiance.

My titles don't come to me until my work is complete. (That's how I know I'm finished - cool, eh?)

Unfortunately, the titles authors give to their books are only "working titles," meaning the publisher will most likely change them to make them salable.

Take Twilight, for instance. Stephenie Meyers's title for it was FORKS. (After the small town where it is set.)

All that said, a good working title IS important - it helps to catch they eye of an agent or publisher. And sometimes, the working title becomes the published title, as with Jessica Verday's THE HOLLOW.

I like both titles you've chosen. You have a knack for it!

Girl with One Eye said...

Bloodstone for sure. It has a dark magical tone to it. Much more intriguing that the name Amber.

Tina Lynn said...

I like both. But would need to read it to be able to give the best opinion. Loved your quote. You are full of awesome.

Jade-Hush, Hush was so named because the book is about secrets. At least that's what Becca Fitzpatrick said...somewhere...not sure where.

Kristi said...

I too like both! But I'm HORRIBLE at titles. Honestly horrible.

My last manuscript title was "The Wolf Within" and that took me a while to come up with. It's sad, really.

Mary said...

I like Bloodstone. Dark and intriguing.

kanishk said...

like Bloodstone, although having not read it, I couldn't say if it was fitting.

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Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Blood Stone sounds very nice to me! Im in the same boat obsessing and undecided and Heather at See Heather Write has a similar post up today.

Angie said...

I like Blood Stone. I'm trying to think up a new title for my novel right now. It's already had 3 or 4 different titles. Even though I know it could change if accepted, I still want a good title to submit it with.

V. S said...

Thank you all for your suggestions and tips!

Tiana Lei said...

I like Blood Stone, it would make me want to pick up your book. Believe me, you are not the only one to second-guess your titles. I think I've gone through four so far, and I am still not sure if I like it!

Angie Kate said...

I talk about titles constantly with a very good friend of mine. Let's see. My first round is five books and I'm thrilled with 4/5 titles I have. But unfortch the 1st book is the one I'm not dead set on. Right now it's Uncommonly Common, which works bc the MC's last name is Common, and you know, he's special enough to get his own saga. IDK though. It sounds ambiguous to me.

For your title, I do like Bloodstone, it sounds like a dark fantasy, is that what you're going for? The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't strike me as "WOW" when I hear it.