Friday, October 16, 2009


(This is not meant for anyone-just fun fiction.)

I waited, because you told me I had good reason to.
I held on, because you told me I should, we are meant to be, it's clear, you said.

I still remember every word, every expression your face played.
I was happy, light, and carefree; your words did that to me.

I know life takes it's course, it's only natural for things to change, but I wasn't expecting this.

You should stop, stop waiting, giving me so many chances. Your words now confuse me.

Stop holding on to whatever we are, whatever this is. I cringed, when you referred to our love as this.

You tricked me it seems, and I'm used to being betrayed, tricked, just not by you.
You robbed me of my innocence, played with my mind.

Fine, was all that I could say to you at the moment.

You made my hopes rise, through the sky, past the moon. You cheated me in this game of yours, or whatever this is. I see you different now, my whole perspective on you was illusive. You're quite the con.

That's what I should have told you, the words just didn't come, didn't flow as easily, and I'll be honest, they still don't.

It's not easy to admit i was taken as a fool.

But wait, it doesn't end there, not just yet.

I have something in store for you, it's a surprise.

You'll just have to wait and see.

It's obvious you didn't pay as close attention to my words as I did to yours.

Once someone messes with my head, I turn...into something that I shouldn't. I clearly remember my words, my warning to you.

I turn cold, and all the guilt leaves, all the- oh, I feel so sorry for him- thoughts vanish.
Yeah, I remember telling you that. You nodded your head, agreeing you understood.

You want to play games? (sigh) I guess you never heard that I was good at games, they're my specialty.
I hope you're ready for THIS.