Friday, October 30, 2009

Hollow's night.

"Its always been just you and me, you know." She smiled and looked at me from under her lashes, blinking twice and my eyes curved at their edges, smiling for me. The cool breeze passed by patiently, not in a rush of any sort and we sat there at the edge of the lake watching each tiny ripple soothe on by. Her fingers played with the sand and she gathered portions, allowing them to slip through her fingers, I mimicked her.

"Did you have a good Halloween," she asked without looking at me, her eyes flickered back and forth from the water to the sand. I pressed my lips together and replayed the night over in my head, cringing at some places-internally smiling at others.
"It's tough to say," I admitted, which was the truth in every sense. It was hard to decide whether the bad moments out did the good or if the good ones out did the bad. It was a mix of the two.

"Yeah.." She trailed off as her hands reached into the small pocket of her black cardigan, with them she pulled out a tiny caramel candy.
"You want it?" Her eyes were questioning and I shook my head reassuring her that it was hers, she could have it.
She unwrapped it carefully, sticking the empty wrapping back into her pocket and curving her lips around the caramel, I watched and the faint smell from the candy reached me.

She chewed carefully, tasting every bit of the smooth caramel and her eyes widened, suddenly surprised, "I have something for you!" She said once again reaching into her pocket. I waited, a bit confused, she got me something for Halloween? Really? I felt a ping of guilt for I didn't get her anything.
"Here," she handed me a tiny smooth square, its edges were hard-rimmed with a dark green coating and the picture on the square was of a deep, dark lake, and the sky was painted deep blue, resembling a magical night with tiny white and yellow stars.

"I don't know what you can use it for but it reminded me of our lake, I had to grab it for you." She waited for my response, lips parted into a smile.

I sat quietly, taking in the small-hard-smooth square. I turned it in my hands and it felt cold but soothing.

"It's beautiful," I whispered, looking over at her. That's when my body took a chance, leaning forward just a tad-slowly progressing closer to her, when her eyes turned from excitement into confusion. I stalled. Realization of my current action kicked in and I forced my body back into place with the gift still in my hands.