Monday, October 12, 2009


"Maybe one day well be free of this life, well get to do the things that we used to do, before the madness kicked in and went into overdrive." I said letting my eyes fall. He laughed and held me, the way that I love, and I smiled too.
"You have quite the ambition," he kissed my forehead and rested his chin on the top of my head. I was quiet then, enjoying the security and the familiar-recently lost-serene moment. I wanted to just stay here, maybe not forever, but until this chaotic time was over.

We could wait here, let time pass, we would be okay-safe here.

"Ambition is putting it lightly," I admitted, and lifted my head and looked at him, his eyes were calm and I could tell that within them there was meaning; a meaning that I would figure out one day, allow myself to become vulnerable and personal with.

"Ambition is for the reckless," he said and that made me grin.

"Seems to suit me," I playfully said and shurgged, my eyes fell to his chest and I leaned closer.

He laughed and tangled his hands in my hair. We stood there entwined in each others arms, waiting for the time to come when it would be me and him again in my room, talking for hours about everything but this suffocating, endless time .