Friday, June 26, 2009

Time is sluggish.

I'm in computer class and honestly, this is deffinitely the most boring class that I have ever taken in all of my schooling years. The time is passing by extremely slow, its almost as if the time is doing it on purpose, just to annoy me. As I'm sitting here in this really uncomfortable computer chair, listening to a really annoying professor with a terrible accent talk gibberish, I came across a thought. I dont understand, if what you are studying has nothing to do with a certain subject, why do they make you waste your time and your money on that ridiculous class that you will never use? Well I just answered my own

This blows.


Roiner Ruiz said...

Yes, of course MONEY is the biggest reason, but I would like to think they really are making you take it to educate you. It is an important class because it teaches you about all the computer programs that many starter jobs ask you to be have proficiency in them.

Hopefully one day the world will change it's views and important on money and value people and their characters over money. Money is the root of all evil and money is the reason the world is at its current state: dying.

let's all live in a book. said...

Wow, Roiner's deep! And yea, you're right-money kills. I as well hope that one day well all be judged and accepted on our character over our money, but sadly, I don't think the world is capable of that.
Maybe in Heaven though?