Sunday, January 31, 2010


My curtain was slightly open and I stared at my backyard, noticing how the grass was a little overgrown in the large clearing, how the orange lights in the gazebo gave the green and white wood a porcelain look, and how the many trees appeared like gentle giants in the night. It was all so beautiful and tranquil.

I sighed, closing my eyes and allowing the flow of imagination wander within me and open doors that I never thought possible to open, then again, they have opened before, but for some reason, every time they open, I am left in awe, overwhelmed with excitement, sadness, and love.

His presence stood out in the clearing. I watched him sit by the large marble angel statue with his arms resting on his bent knees, his wild hair fell over his eyes and curled around his ears. His gray eyes resembled broken glass against his warm skin. His eyes shifted over to the large, thick trees and he stared at their still branches his mind wandering too.

I knew we were thinking the exact same thing in that exact moment. He was thinking of his life, the abnormality of it, the unexpected twists and turns, the people he loved, wanted to love, and could never love again.

I thought of his life as well. His story is so amazing, so real and genuine. I wanted with everything in me to be able to tell his story to others. To show everyone his goodness, what he went through and what is to come for him.

He stood and began to walk back to the house, his hands tucked away in his pockets, his head held up, his expression calm, peaceful.

In that second I knew that he trusted me. I knew he had faith in me to tell his story. Whether people love him or not, whether they understand and care is a chance I am willing to take with this story, because honestly, it is a great story.

It is a story that reveals the many forms of love, the truth about life and its absurdity, the evil that people can posses, freedom, and what some people will give up and sacrifice for others.

He stopped walking and smiled, turning one side of his lip up.

I smiled in return.

Just like that I dove into his story with his voice so clear it would have been impossible to miss a word.

Bloggers have you ever written a story that overwhelmed you and touched you in so many ways? Are you currently writing that story? Share your experience with me.


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Tina Lynn said...

Wow, lady. There's just no way to follow that. So, I'll just sit here in awe of you:)

Bish Denham said...

Very nice, Victoria. I've written severaly stories, short ones and novels too, that seemed to come to me whole and complete, demanding to be written.

Katie Ganshert said...

My prayer is that every story will overwhelm me...that every story I write will be larger than myself. So much so that I have to rely on God to write it.

I love how you describe meeting your characters, Victoria. :)

Mary Campbell said...

You make me want to read his story - and I'm not even sure who we're talking about. Wonderful Victoria. I feel that the story I'm writing is a good story, I'm just worried that I'm not a good enough writer to write it.

Elana Johnson said...

Very insightful thoughts. I think my stories start out that way. And I think they're life-changing, but then as I have to rework them to death, in the end, I think I hate them more than love them.

But yeah, I still love them. ;-)

Kristi said...

Love this Victoria...your feelings for your characters and story are almost as beautiful as the story itself. :-)

Most of my stories begin because I feel this need to tell my character's fact sometimes they won't quiet down and I feel I have to write in order to get them to be quiet...but then as I get further and further into their tale and they start getting more and more silent, well, I wish for the voices back. :-)

Kimberly Franklin said...

Ahhh...sigh...Drake is back! Yes! Lovely post today. ; )

Eva said...

That was beautiful, the connection you have with Drake is very special. I feel that way about my current novel. I live it, breathe it. I know this is the one I will pursue because it is that important. I need to share their story.

You are amazing!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Can't wait to read Drake's whole story. He sounds like someone I could easily crush on.

I am in love with my current characters. But I have a feeling I will feel that way about everyone I create.

V. S said...

Tina- Thank you :)

Bish Denham- That connection is pure magic.

Katie- I often rely on God while writing. I ask him to guide me through this story and to help me hear what it is that I have to write.

Mary- I have read your writing and trust me, you have what it takes. Just believe in yourself.

Elana- There are times where my characters make me very angry, but in the end, I still love them, too.

Kristi- I can't wait to read your story!

Kimberly- Yes, he is :)

Eva- I am so happy to hear that you found a story that gives you that overwhelming, breathtaking sensation. I wish you much luck and I cannot wait to read your story.Keep writing!

Karen- Thank you for your kind words :) And please, keep writing, I am fascinated with The Kindrily!

Shelby said...

fabulous music here. awesome really. I added several of your choices to my own playlist.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I get characters that stays with me long after the story is done, like an old friend. My first manuscript had a few like that.
You write beautifully.
Warm regards,

Victoria said...

wow wow wow!! great piece!

Kelly Lyman said...

Beautiful. As usual ;) There are scenes in my story that are overwhelming, but I think only to me whereas I want them to be overwhelming to feel the passion that I felt while writing it. I agree with Katie though- I pray that my story becomes so overwhelming that God is the one who takes control of it.

Daisy Whitney said...

Beautiful writing....

Bethany Mattingly said...

If you would have posted this three days ago I would have said no, but I've got something going on right now that makes my heart flutter and the words just flow. P.S. I love you posts.

Julie Dao said...

You write so beautifully! My characters don't come to me so gracefully - they often push their way into my mind at the most inconvenient times, demanding that their stories be told.

Shelli said...

you won on my blog today congrads!

every story i write I have to connect with in some special way.

Candice said...

That was beautiful. I wrote the preface to a story once that I felt that connected to, but I feared that I couldn't do it justice yet. One day I'll go back to it.

Tiffany Neal said...

I just found your blog today through a series of blog-stalking. I honestly don't know how I reached it here, but love that I did. I read your About Me section and I had to die laughing. I just started blogging, literally this week, and yesterday I posted something about my driving force for writing. The story is there, in my head and it has to be told. I don't have a choice.
Thanks for sharing this great piece. The chemistry is well layed out and I'm looking forward to following you and reading more!
Happy Writing!

Jenn Johansson said...

I love feeling that passionately about my stories and characters. They deserve to have their stories told the right way. Great post!

Christine Danek said...

Nice job!I want to keep reading :) My current story has engulfed me completely. I am loving every minute of it. I let you know how I feel after I revise it to death but I have a feeling I will still love it.