Monday, September 28, 2009

Yellow white.

"Just listen. Listen carefully." He whispered to me, his warm breath coated my ear, and I shuddered as a million and one goosebumps rose on my arms and I caught my breath, not wanting to miss one word he was about to say.

"The moon, look at it." I tore my gaze from the ground, my eyes went from the grass, to the mid sky, to the moon. It was full and colored a yellow white. I stared at it and he placed his hands on my shoulders, gently moving one finger over my skin.

"It's beautiful," I shyly whispered and I could feel- just because we have that sort of bond, where I know what he's doing without even looking at him- that he was staring at the moon too. In that moment, we were both connected. Not just by our lives, and its absurdity, and not just by a love that never falters or dies, but by life and everything that it carries and offers to us.

He lifted his finger from my shoulder and barely touching me, he passed it over the skin on my neck and I felt okay... actually okay. I felt at peace and I knew within that moment, that he loved me and that all along I loved him too.

He had been there for me when all else failed. He knew me like no one else did, not even my own parents understood everything that went on in my head and life.

He did.

He sacrificed so much for me, and even after it all, and even for what was about to come, I knew that he would still be here. I came first to him, there was no I with him. There was only me. God has given me a life that i don't understand, and probably never will comprehend, but in exchange, he has given me him.

"Lets not go home, lets just stay here tonight." He broke my train of thoughts, and it was as if he read my mind, knew exactly what I was thinking. I smiled and without turning to him, keeping my sight on the moon I said, "lets."

So we stayed there, his arms around me, and both of us staring up into the sky, escaping our life and its absurdity.