Monday, September 14, 2009

Undying love.

If all else fails, he will be there.
If love should fail me now, he will be there to mend me.
If life should twist and turn, he will be there to pull me in the right direction once again.
If life should knock me down, he will be there to catch me when I fall.

There are no ifs with him.
He is solid, a wall that cannot be knocked down.
He is forever divine, and eternally mines.
He is not fragile, flimsy, nor questionable.
He is secure.
He is my purpose, what keeps me going everyday.
What lifts up my spirits, high enough to reach the sky, past the clouds, to see God's face and to live in his grace.

He believes what I believe.
His heart matches mine, almost as if it was cloned, beats in the exact same sync as mine.
He is my gift from God, my very own personal dream come true.

He is something of a miracle, something so unbelievable.
This feeling is so natural, not one thing forced upon it.
This love is indescribable, unreal, and only two words can even come close to describing what he is to me, and what my love for him would have to be,

Undying love.

He will forever be apart of me, forever live in me.
Day by day we shall walk, side by side.
Night by night we shall sleep, dreaming of each other till death do us part.
For that is when our love will pause, when death takes its course, and there is that change from life to death, then after, when all is rekindled, I will find him once again and love him till eternity's time.

There is no limit to us, no time that can measure us, it just simply doesnt exist.
It's just a forever kind of thing.