Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our world.

Our life is strange, alien, basically foreign to them, && by them I mean the world and the people it carries.

But to us?

Were just living life, day by day, night by night.
This is normal, sane, and completely common to us.

But to them?

It's unbelievable, questionable, and seriously insane.

There's only been a few, who are not from our world, who except us, and understand us.
&& in return we love them, respect them, and cherish them.


People like that don't come around often, never actually.

&& for those who question us, make us feel just like aliens...

well, can we blame them?

So here it is, I don't care.
I don't care who says what anymore.
Accept us or not, we are who we are.

I am who I am.

Our world, is exactly that, ours.
We didn't choose this life, not even close.

But here we are, together, living this life.

So lets stop wishing for something else, lets stop hating ourselves, and lets look at what we do have...
Each other.

&& that's more than what some of them have.

So lets live this alien, strange, foreign, unbelievable, questionable, seriously insane life.