Saturday, September 5, 2009


I miss the- wake- up- and- lets- go- smile.
I miss the -comfort -of -never- being- let -down- don't -worry- smile.
I miss the- I'm- here -for- you -no -matter- what- smile
I miss the -sexy -I want -you -smile.

I miss
I miss
I miss

you, perhaps.

No one else is you.
I get close, I get far, but they're never you.
Never will be you.
I think God only created one of you.

I miss the- I -want- to- be -with- you- forever- look
I miss the -I -couldn't- be- happier- with- you- look
I miss the- I -only- want- you- and -no- one -else- look

I miss
I miss
I miss

you, perhaps.

Your close yet so far away.
I can still remember your touch, your voice,
your everything that meant the most to me.
Yet, I have forgotten what it feels like to feel safe.
To feel completely happy is foreign to me now.
To feel comfortable and oh, so, secure, is unheard of.

What I miss the most? And this one hurts, coats the outer edges of my heart, leaving it cold and bitter. It slowly works its way to the middle, to core of me, and leaves me completely frozen.

I miss being so sure,
never having one doubt.
I miss having complete faith in you.

I miss that, terribly, excruciatingly, irrevocably, constantly, and will forever miss that.

Maybe, one day, we will come back to each other.
Find each other once again.
That would be a good day.
A day where nothing else will matter,
a day where no one else will matter.
A day that would just consist of me and you.
That's really all I've ever needed, and honestly, all I've ever wanted.