Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I was finishing 'The Hollow", a novel by Jessica Verday, and was shocked by the ending. Well, maybe not shocked, but more like perplexed. I didn't understand why Verday would end her story with such an ending.
Then, I stopped judging, stopped wondering, and thought back, and reviewed my own characters in my head, and I realized, that their choices, thoughts, and actions are completely out of my control. They are beyond my reach and no where within my grasp.

Funny thing is, not everyone can or will ever understand what I just wrote.
They make think they do, but no, they don't.
Not everyone understands what its like to have a connection with a character you created.
To hear their voices in your head.
To see their life right before your eyes.
People can imagine what its like, but only some know.