Monday, September 21, 2009


Tonight, while we (my family & I) were having our usual nightly dinners, a weird -actually, really creepy- cat jumps up on our windowsill outside. My first reaction was, is that my cat? But no. It was a stray, and it wasn't long before my cat noticed him and jumped up on the windowsill from the inside and there they were having a staring contest.

They sat there for hours, literally hours! They were so fascinated with each other. Both of them were so close, yet so far away. Still, they sat there and mimicked each other, meowed, and sometimes they would just sit and enjoy each others company. Two cats from very different life's, yet they still accepted each other and appreciated one another in a way. It's funny how animals are so amazed by the smallest things. They're so easy to please, yet people are just the opposite. Nothing is ever good enough for us, and we can never have too much. Animals accept each other so easily, with no judgment in their mind. People though, we are walking-flesh-judging machines.

I think we can learn from animals, how to appreciate one another and how not to judge, but to love.