Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Before a storm, the earth is still; it is at peace and at ease.
How lovely the earth is before a storm.
So perfect, so welcoming, and tranquil.
It invites you outside to venture in a walk, it puts out bait and waits...
waits to prey.
Then, it all happens very quickly, the rain comes and the thunder clashes upon us. The earth becomes angry and the winds become demanding.
We begin to run for cover, we feel betrayed and tricked.
However, some of us dont run.
Some of us stay and walk calmly in the rain.
Some of us dont allow the winds to demand us.
Some of us continue on with life and do not allow the rain to interfere.
In a way, life is like a storm.
It tricks us, plays games on us.
It will lead us to believe that everything is perfect, oh, so very perfect.
Then, it happens very quickly, life turns upside down and everything we loved, cared for, and even worked for, changes, or perhaps even disappears.
&& some of us will run, hide from life, and wait for the sun to shine once again.
However, some of us will continue to walk through life's hardships, never giving up, until we reach our destination.