Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stick around.

With every beat that my heart makes, images of you run through my mind.

With every breath that I take, a piece of you sinks in deep within me.

I see the world, and I see the people in it, they’re all a blur to me, but you stand out in the crowd, you are so clear, so vivid to me.

With every step that I take-I take it only to venture closer to you.

With every decision I make- I make it with you in mind, making sure that my results have a special place especially for you.

I see life, and I see how confusing and heartbreaking it can actually be, then I see life’s beauty, and how much it has to offer me, and then I realize that it offered me you.

Someone like you doesn’t come around often; I can use someone like you in my future.

So won’t you stay around for awhile?

Make yourself at home; stay as long as you want, because I sure wouldn’t mind.

&& who knows? Maybe this will be a forever thing, or maybe it will be a never again thing. But I don’t care, every second, every hour, every day, spent with you is worth it. It’s worth taking the risk, worth falling apart, and it’s for damn sure worth falling in love with you.