Tuesday, July 14, 2009


love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

eternity; infinite time; duration without beginning or end.

normality; conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.

Only you, and you know who you are, can truly understand this, can fully comprehend what is being said here.
Living a lie isn't always easy, and having to involve the one you love in the lie is even harder.
You walk life always wondering, when will something common turnout? Something that for once I cannot relate to, which would be a good thing.
Something that I'm not used to, something that will show me another side to life, because I know there's more to life than this, well at least, I like to believe there is.
Then, I stopped wondering.
I caught a glimpse of you.
&& a definite love rushed through me and in company so did fear.
Fear that you wouldn't except me or what surprise I carried with me.
I thought you were too good to be true, too human at that fact.
Turns out, I was wrong.
You took my hand and accepted me, and accepted everything I carried with me.
Not only did you understand me, but you changed me.
You showed me a side to life that I had never seen.
You showed me happiness, carelessness, and the will to my rights.
I had never known normality, until I met you.
I had never done half of the things I have done, until I met you.
So you see,
I love the taste of your innocence, you are the normality in my life.
I want to know you forever, if eternity exist, then i will look forward to a never ending story with you.
I love the sight of your playfulness, you are the normality in my life.
I want to walk with you forever, where ever you may go, take me with you wont you?

Because now, after seeing you, having you with me, and knowing what its like to have a life like your's...to be accepted by someone completely even after they know, I don't think I can ever be the new person I have become without you. I will go back to how I used to be with you not around.
I will go back to lacking in hope, waking up to the same thing everyday, and having no reason to continue changing, other than Gods grace.
I need you my normality, so please wont you stay, help me continue to change?