Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Cross.

He walked straight through fear, without even looking back or second guessing his actions.

He trusted in his father and he continued to walk in the light for us.

He knew death was near, he could feel the pain, despair, and heartache.

Still, he continued to walk…for us.

The earth was still, it watched every step he took, and it felt every ache that he felt.

His father looked down from heaven, looked down upon the earth and its cruelty.

He felt what any father would feel, he felt torture, the torture of having to give up his son.

However, he wouldn’t regret it. He wouldn’t regret saving us. He wouldn’t regret sending his son to die for us.

Down on earth, Jesus, the son of God, wasn’t angry, for he loved us as well.

He loved his father and he wanted to make him happy, he wanted to please him and most of all, he wanted to save us.

So he walked that difficult trail towards his own death.

He walked without the company of confusion, for he knew, what he was doing was what he had to do.

His cross was heavy; it carried all of our sins on it, what a burden to carry.

He could feel the weight of all our wrong doings, he could feel every moment we have betrayed him; still, he carried his cross.

He walked to save us.

The blood dripped down his face, his body ached, and his father watched his son walk towards his dying moment.

He lay there next to his cross, they grabbed his hands and nailed them in the carrier of our sins, his screams were heard across the land and across the heavens.

With his hands nailed to the cross, they nailed his feet, trapping him there. His groans reached the heavens, and God let it continue, he let this horrid moment continue, not because he wasn’t capable of stopping it, but because he loved us, he allowed his son to venture closer to death for us.

The cross stood up in front of the world, and Jesus surrendered to the world, he asked one last wish of God, to forgive us for hurting him, to forgive us because we didn’t know better.

The heavens heard his plea, and God heard the words off his son, and there for we were forgiven.

Then, it happened, Jesus faded away from this earth. His soul left slowly, and his heart pumped slower and slower. Then I believe, the earth felt that pain, that loss, I believe the earth stopped spinning, the whole universe paused, and watched.

The sky turned black and thunder dominated the atmosphere.

All the forces of nature collided together in an army to show its pain, to show its anger.

Jesus died for us on the cross, God gave his son for us to be able to live and to be forgiven for every stupid, idiotic, sin we will ever commit.

If it weren’t for this act taking place, you and I wouldn’t be here today, we wouldn’t be able to live life.

The smallest things that mean so much wouldn’t occur.

There wouldn’t be a future for you and me.

However, that isn’t the only gift God has given us,

He has promised us his company and guidance forever,

He has promised us to be by our side with every step we take here on earth,

He has promised us an infinite life after death in his kingdom.

The only thing in return that he has asked of us; is to follow him, to praise him, and most of all, to love him like he loved us.

He knows we are not perfect, that we will make mistakes, we will sin, but if we can just try to follow him, if we can just believe in him, and take notice in what he did for us.

If we can just say that phrase that he wants us to say, that phrase that makes him so happy that the sun shines down from the heavens, that phrase that completes him.

God, come into my heart, guide me here on earth, walk with me every step of the way and show me how to walk in your light. I know I have sinned, I am a sinner, so please, forgive me of my ways. Remember me after my time here, and take me with you after I perish. For you have given your son to die for us, thank you Lord, thank you.